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Cancellation Policies


Billing Information: 

  • Non-recurring memberships will be billed on the date booked.


Cancellation Information:

  • Non-recurring memberships cannot be cancelled nor will any refunds be issued once purchased. 


Billing Information: 

  • Recurring memberships will renew each month on the same numbered date of purchase, or the business date before if the actual date falls on a non-business date.

    • Examples: 

      • If you purchase your recurring membership on the 20th of August, your membership will renew on the 20th of each month until cancelled. 

      • If you purchase your recurring membership on the 20th of August and September 20th falls on a Saturday, your membership will be billed on Friday, September 19th.

  • Once a recurring membership is billed, it cannot be cancelled nor will any refunds be issued once billed. 



Cancellation Information:

  • In order to cancel a recurring membership, Member must notify Jennifer Loganbill, either by Facebook messenger or email (jensgetfitgroup@gmail.com), no later than Five (5) Business days prior to the membership renewing.

    • Example:​

      • If Member's membership will renew on August 20th, Member must notify Jennifer Loganbill no later than midnight on August 15th. ​

  • If Member fails to notify Jennifer Loganbill at least Five (5) Business Days prior to the membership renewing, the billing cannot be stopped and Member will be charged for another month of membership that cannot be cancelled or refunded.