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We are the most powerful women in the room.

We are a #sweatysisterhood.





Full body workouts + isolating muscle groups

24 minutes, 5 days a week

Workout at YOUR house

Workout on YOUR time

A set of dumbbells

Weekly Meal Plans

You will sweat

You will be sore

You will be held accountable

-It will be worth it-

JGFG is real life...


I'm the founder of Jen's Get Fit Group, LLC.

I am a wife, a mom, nurse for 5 years, and an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

I have been in the fitness industry for 9 years. My passion is fitness and lifting weights.

I love seeing how anyone can transform their body just by lifting weights consistently. 

I have been doing my format of workouts since 2017 and I'm in the best shape of my life. I don't feel guilty for giving myself "me time" every day because I workout in the same room as my kids. It's doesn't matter to me what your past looks like, I'm here to help you love your body, build a strong body, and gain confidence every woman should have. I LOVE watching women join Jen's Get Fit Group with hesitation and in 4 weeks, they know that they're the most powerful woman in the room. 

Being a mom of two small children and owning two business, I don't have time to spend hours at the gym. That's why I started Jen's Get Fit Group, LLC in April 2018. I am living my dream by helping others learn how to be in shape, eat healthier, and love themselves for exactly who they are...just a stronger and healthier version than when they started. My workouts can be done from anywhere you have internet access. You don't need any fitness experience and it requires minimal equipment. I have 1,200+ women of all ages (18-70+years), shapes, and fitness abilities. I am a real life coach, I give you real life workouts and meal plans. I do them with you every day and you just follow along. The women in my group are amazing, empowering, and beautiful. 

It's not only a workout group, it's a #sweatysisterhood.  

Words from #sweatysisters

"JGFG is real--real coach, real daily workouts that are never the same and challenge you every single time and real women encouraging and building one another up! YOU get out what YOU put in!" -Clarissa Bozworth

"JGFG is a lifestyle! The workouts are challenging but designed for anyone..no matter what age or body type. The meal plans are easy to follow & recipes have ingredients that can be found anywhere! The #sweatysisterhood is full of strong, supportive women! I've never worked out consistently in my life, but since joining this group, I haven't missed a workout on the day it was posted in 22 weeks. I love this group!" -Renna Menhennet

"I have never been committed to a workout like this past 5 weeks. I usually get injured by laziness! This is different. If feels like home. It feels like I am perfectly placed among people that aren't different than me. I have always had an imagination about what I needed to look like. But this group has given me the mindset that I look exactly like I am supposed to. And as I keep working and eating I will continue to look closer to that image in my imagination. If it's never perfect for someone else, it will be perfect for me if I continue to workout. Confidence, encouragement, energy and persistence is what I get from JGFG!" -Ellen Lance 


We don't care what you weigh, we care that you love the journey and love your body.
We don't do scale victories. 
The scale does not matter. We want to know all about "non-scale victories".
These amazing women show up, give 110% every workout, and they deserve their results.

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Once a month we meet for a live workout. It's completely optional if you come, but it's fun, refreshing, and it's good for the soul.


most valuable player:



1. The player who contributes the most to his or her team's success

2. The player who acts as a leader for the rest of the team

3. This woman right here

September MVP - Kayla Thompson

24 weeks in JGFG

-72 pounds

-3 pant sizes down

-3 shirt sizes

Gaining strength, energy, and confidence!